Modal Analysis - Lecture Materials

Ready-to-use Lecture Materials for Modal Analysis

Our package for universities and scientific institutions: Prepare aspiring engineers for their professional future - with our ready-to-use lecture materials and state-of-the art software for experimental and numerical modal analysis.

Modal analysis is one of the tools, which seldom finds the required space in an engineer's education. Firm curricula and high preparation efforts leave teaching personnel with hardly any possibilities to dive deep into modal analysis. In many cases especially virtual classes quite simply lack access to the necessary professional analysis software.

What makes our modal analysis lecture materials unique?

  • Ready-to-use lecture materials:
    High-grade content at low effort - offer your students high-grade course content with practical relevance (lecture notes, tutorials including necessary data sets, documentations and instructions)
  • Comparison of simulation and test:
    The concept of the Digital Twin will be essential for future engineers. With the help of our lecture materials you can impart this knowledge with a practical orientation.
  • High-end software tools:
    Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Testlab academic licenses offer a large range of functions and state-of-the-art technology, which will give your students valuable insights into practical engineering.

Our academic offer will give universities and scientific institutions an easy solution to teach modal analysis in a comprehensive and practical way. Students will apply the theoretical fundamentals to an example of use and confirm the results experimentally as well as simulatively on the computer. Our modal analysis lecture is suited not only for in-person training but for virtual classroom training as well.

Modal Analysis - Lecture Modules

Modal Analysis Lecture Materials - Modules

Our Full-package Modal Analysis offers you comprehensive resources to impart knowledge to your students in a practical laboratory course. It consists of professionally prepared theoretical and practical lecture material, application-oriented tutorials including any necessary data sets, documentations and instructions. Additionally you will gain access to the software products Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter 3D via our academic licenses.

The lectures are built in a modular fashion and are available as a bundle for experimental and respectively numerical modal analysis. Both tutorials cover the same practical example and are especially interesting in direct comparison.

The lecture material "Fundamentals of Modal Analysis" consists of a sound technical and theoretical introduction to the topic and explains fundametal mechanical principles and modal transformation.

Bundle 1 includes specific course and training materials for Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). It illustrates the essential steps and possibilities of modal analysis and consolidates this knowledge with the necessary theoretical basics. Challenges and possible sources of error will be focussed with examples including the correspondent solution strategies.

Bundle 2 deals with the Numerical Modal Analysis (NuMA). The course and training materials include theoretical model assumptions, the necessary mathematical basics as well as the specification of the numerical simulation environment. During the tutorial the students will create their own numerical model and critically discuss the results of their modal analysis.

Our Full-package contains both bundles, which additionally are aligned in a validation. Suitable validation practices and their theoretical backgrounds are being introduced and applied.

Extensions and Additions

You can extend and combine Bundle 1 (EMA) or our Full-package with different Simcenter SCADAS hardware configurations according to your needs. Thematic continuations of the lectures are possible, especially in the areas of Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Order-Based Modal Analysis (OBMA). The topic of Rotating Machinery offers many interesting points of reference.


Would you like to add experimental and numeric modal analysis to your curriculum?

Dr.-Ing. Olgierd Zaleski will be happy to answer your questions regarding our training materials, software and hardware.

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