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Accelerate simulation processes with Simcenter 3D CAE Software

Computerized simulations and the Digital Twin could speed up your development process and increase productivity. Unfortunately, in many cases (especially in the devolpment of highly complex products) the usage of multiple tools, data types and disciplines hinders the simulation process from keeping up with development cycles. Simulation results are typically used for verification and only marginally influence production or product development.

Simcenter 3D enables you to fully embrace the potential of your CAE models. A unified, scalable platform offers you the right tools as well as fast and precise solvers for multi-physical simulation. Systematically analyze structure, durability, acoustics, flow and motion at an early stage and gain valuable insights into your products' behavior. Speed up your simulation process with best-in-class geometry editing, associative simulation modeling and multi-discipline solutions embedded with industry expertise.

What's new in Simcenter 3D 2022.1

Highlights Simcenter 3D

Simcenter 3D offers highly efficient and precise 3D CAE tools on an open, scalable and extensible platform.

All disciplines on one platform
Explore the advantages of multiple disciplines all on one platform. With its multi-physical approach Simcenter 3D helps you analyze acoustic or thermal properties, flow, motion, structure, dynamics and durability. This multi-disciplinary collaboration encourages innovation, saves time and minimizes data transfer errors.

Reliable functionality and intuitive user interface
Simcenter 3D is based on the well-known NX platform and includes the full range of functions known from LMS Virtual.Lab, NX CAE, NX Nastran and LMS Samtech combined with a unified and intuitive UI.

More efficient simulation process
Best-in-class geometry editing, meshing as well as fast and precise solvers will help you achieve a realistic representation of your product (Digital Twin) and enable a an accurate prediction of your product's performance. Relevant data are readily available for further development.

Flexibility through automated routines
Automation of recurring simulation routines in Simcenter 3D accelerates your simulation process and enables more flexible resource management.

Open environment enables integration with existing systems
Simcenter 3D works perfectly in combination with other products from the Simcenter portfolio (e.g. 1D System Simulation with Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter Testlab, Teamcenter) as well as  third party software.

Flexible licensing
You only plan to use certain modules from the wide range of Simcenter 3D's functionality? We will help you customize your individual Simcenter 3D packet and advise you on the best licensing options.

Support by Novicos
We will not only help you find the right solutions from the Simcenter 3D portfolio - our professional support will also assist you in your first steps with our solutions.

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