From Market Needs To Solutions

As a leading expert in the fields of vibration, flow, electromagnetics and especially acoustics, Novicos GmbH offers a broad range of technical services and consulting. According to our customers' needs we develop multi-physical concepts and models for minimizing vibrations, conduct extensive measurements and design computer-based simulations of even the most complex processes.

Our services include:

Acoustic Design - Measurement, Simulation, Optimization

A great acoustic design will make your product stand out from your competition and achieve consistent quality. Whether you wish to create a pleasant sound experience or to minimize noise in your product - Novicos is your reliable partner.

Acoustic Simulation

Our acoustic simulations support you even in early stages of product development. We will predict the machanical behavior of your technical system with numerical methods and state-of-the-art CAE software and uncover what causes sound emission with the help of simulation. We will find weak points, analyze possible alternatives and optimize your acoustic design considering noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Our experienced simulation experts will chose the most effective computational methods and modeling approaches for your project. This will enable you to analyze even large and complex structures (e.g. wind power stations) effectively and in detail on your computer.


To find the cause for vibrations and noise in your product or prototype we offer measurements either on your premises or in one of our measuring rooms. Furthermore, the test results verify and validate our computational models.

With Simcenter SCADAS hardware and Simcenter Testlab software we use the most advanced testing equipment and analyticalmethods. Besides using standard methods for analyzing signals we also develop new methods and software as needed.


To optimize your system's vibro-acoustic behavior our experts will develop modifications from the results and data of earlier acoustic tests and/or simulations. By comparing your prototype's test and simulation results with the results of the modified model you will have all the information you need to make a sound decision on further strategy.

Flow Simulation

Novicos' tried and tested experience in the numeric analysis of flow mechanics (also Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD) will support you in technical development or classic troubleshooting. Flow simulation enables detailed insights into your product's behavior at a much faster pace than experimental analyses.

In order to present you with reliable and efficiently computed results, we emphasize conclusive modeling as well as selecting the appropriate boundary conditions, methods and solvers for your simulation project.


Flow Simulation

Customized Solutions for Individual Projects

Of course any project depends on the right approach based on the customer's individual requirements - some projects are truly exceptional, though.

Some of our most memorable projects include measurements of the building's vibrations at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg during a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or the simulation of a dredging process in order to ensure a most sustainable erosion of the soil.

Which solution may we realize for you?


Training and Skills Development

Novicos emerged from a scientific background. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience from commercial and research projects and enabling other engineers to use simulation tools to further their product development.

Benefit from our expertise - our customized training and focused skills development supports our customers in building their own simulation, measurement or acoustic teams.


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