Automotive Solutions

Simulation and Measurement of Vehicle Acoustics

Vehicle acoustics is an extensive field with numerous possible applications from vibro-acoustic behavior of the powertrain and chassis to controls and switches within the car's cockpit. Other sources of noise to consider are fluid mechanics of air conditioning systems or the vehicle's airflow as well as electromagnetic actuators.

Novicos will support you in evaluating noise emissions with cleverly designed measurements, numeric analyses or simulations.

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Automotive Audio

Accelerate tuning and troubleshooting with computerized design of loudspeakers and audio systems - Novicos' proven and reliable process will help you get the answers you need.

Our combination of simulation and measurement will help you analyze and evaluate arrangement and number of speakers, sound pressure distribution, vibro-acoustic interaction and more.

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Fields of application:

  • Adaptive Sound Control
    • RNC - Road Noise Cancellation
    • EOC - Engine Order Cancellation
  • System desing (Packaging) and system detailing
  • Support of your tuning process with simulation and measurement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
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Acoustic and haptic design of control elements and operating devices

A reliable prediction of operating sounds will help you achieve high-quality and uniform haptics and acoustics with lower divergence and meet OEM's requirements (e.g. sound targets).

As an expert in this field Novicos will support you with:

  • numeric analysis (FEM,BEM, MBD) as well as acoustic and haptic design of your product
  • evaluation of operating sounds, e.g. from simulated audio data, with a VR model of a car and more
  • accompanying measurements
  • developing, building and commissioning of test benches (EoL and Lab)
  • training and skills development within your team

Your advantage:

  • High-quality and uniformhaptics and acoustics across any operating devices
  • Consistent control of acoustic and haptic properties across development and manufacturing
  • Enable variant comparisons
  • Reliable planning of your product development
  • Avoid tool adaptions
  • Comprehensive expertise of 15+ years


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