Bicycles and E-Bikes

Numeric Simulation and Testing Solutions for Bicycles and E-Bikes

How can you align requirements for efficiency and range of e-bike drive systems with a low noise level? How do system and position fo the motor affect dynamics and riding behavior? Which interactions occur between drive and bike frame?

Employing numeric analysis tools allows you to not only asses individual components, but your whole bicycle, e-bike or pedelec as an electromechanical system. This will give you profound insights even at an early stage, which will help you meet qualitative and legal objectives and design a strong product.


Novicos will support you with following tools and services:

  • Durability and fatigue analyses of bicycles and e-bikes made from steel, aluminum or fiber-reinforced materials
  • Flow analyses (CFD), e.g. for analyzing aerodynamic drag of racing, city, cargo or leasure cycles
  • Numeric simulation for developing new and more efficient drive concepts with the help of multibody systems (MBD, EMBD), e.g. efficiency analysis of serial hybrid drives or an even torque transmission with automatic gears
  • Analyses and optimization of e-bike motor noise using numeric CAE models and/or measurements
  • Determination and evaluation of noise emission of e-bikes using CAE models and/or measurements including psycho-acoustics
  • Computation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) using simulation
  • Development, construction and assessment of concepts for integrating electronic drives into bicycle frames
  • Support in the development and selection of appropriate storage and charging systems for e-bikes using 1D and 3D models
  • Execution of measurement and test campaign concerning durability, fatigue, normal modes and noise emission
  • State-of-the-art tools for numeric analysis (Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter 3D) as well as customizable and robust testing solutions (Simcenter SCADAS/Testlab and Simcenter Anovis)

Success Story Émonda (Trek Bikes)

Learn how Trek Bikes used Simcenter Tools to optimize the design of their model Émonda and created an even even faster lightweight climbing bike.

This video illustrates the development process of the climbing bike Émonda for Team Trek-Segafredo from requirements to physical testing.

Watch Aerodynamicist John Davis explain, how the development team analyzed and optimized the bike's aerodynamics with the help of Simcenter HEEDS (from minute 13:30).