Marine Solutions

Marine Acoustics and Sonar Technology

In order to prevent noise pollution of oceans and align with environmental regulations acoustics have become a critical factor in the marine industry. Shipbuilders face the challenge of developing clean, energy-efficient vessels, which also offer a high level of passenger comfort - especially in regard to cruise ships, pleasure boats and luxury yachts.

With our expertise in simulation Novicos helps shipbuilders virtually analyze a vessel's performance and acoustic behavior using Finite Elements, Boundary Elements and hybrid methods. A research project in co-operation with Germany's main shipbuilding companies gave us the opportunity to develop new energy-based elements, which enable vibro-acoustic analyses even in the higher frequency ranges. Our numerous projects in the marine industry give us a sound knowledge in the field of sonar systems and technology.


NVH Technology for Shipbuilding

Princess Yachts uses Simcenter for developing luxury, handcrafted boats

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and acoustic performance overall have become a significant differentiator in the development of high-end motor yachts.

Princess Yachts uses Simcenter simulation tools to benefit from the flexibility of a virtual prototypein the development of their customized products. This enables them to find sources of possible noise early in the development process and achieve defined objectives for NVH performance. Additionally extensive physical testing is conducted on the vessels with the help of Simcenter SCADAS hardware and Simcenter Testlab.