Medical Devices

Test and Simulation for Medical Devices and Lab Equipment

The development of medical devices for use in the operating room or laboratory puts high demands on performance and reliability. Electromagnetic interactions with other devices need to be eliminated in order to guarantee proper functionality and meet legal requirements. At the same time user-friendly handling is a main factor for commercial success of your product.

Measurements and numeric simulation help you ensure the high-quality standard of your laboratory and medical equipment. High-performance simulation tools and data acquisition hardware enable you to predict function or perform quality controls on your own or your suppliers' products.

As a long-term partner we support our customers in the medical industry with the following services:

  • Flow simulation:
    multiphase flow with/without particles in bioreactors, heat transfer in cooling systems, mixing processes, filling analysis, flow within respirators etc.
  • Multibody simulation:
    kinematics simulation of joints and drives of any kind, e.g. mixer tables, centrifuges considered on their own or as a system including control technology, analyses of mechanisms, e.g. endoscopic instruments
  • Structure and Collision analyses:
    strength analyses, development of lightweight solutions, drop test behavior, operational vibrations etc.
  • Acoustic simulation:
    simulation and/or measurement of noise emission of ventilators, laboratory equipment or miscellaneous medical devices in intensive care, surgery, lab or ambulance
  • Multiphysical system simulation
  • Electromagnetic analyses:
    numeric analyses of low-frequency electromagnetic waves in electronic drives as well as high-frequency electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic compatibility EMC)
  • Durability and Fatigue:
    simulation and/or measurement considering different homogenous and fiber-reinforced materials
  • Measurement-based Modal analysis:
    measurement-based recording of normal modes under excitation by impulse hammer, shaker or based on operational vibrations
  • Vibration/Acoustic test:
    measurement of vibrations and noise emission under operation in an acoustic chamber (semi-anechoic) or on location , optionally including psycho-acoustics
  • Test-based Incoming control:
    reliable systems for 100% or statistically safe control of incoming components (e.g. electronic drives)
  • Non-destructive testing:
    solutions for monitoring individual manufacturing steps or product characteristics without damage
  • End-of-Line test benches:
    fully automated systems for end-of-line (EoL) testing of product quality