The Sound of Success

Novicos simulates the sound of OPUS KLASSIK trophy for designer Oliver Renelt

Designer Oliver Renelt has a special bond with the Deutscher Musikpreis – after all not only did he create and name the ECHO award, but also produced the trophies himself from 1992 until the end in 2018. Sure thing, he of course submitted a design for the ECHO's successor in the classical music domain – and won.

OPUS KLASSIK shows sound in its purest form. The trophy is inspired by a tuning fork and resembles a stylized angel. Its sophisticated metallic appearance is due to the fact, that OPUS KLASSIK is made from an aluminum tube.

The designer aimed at creating a trophy that was not only visually pleasing, but also interactive. And indeed, the OPUS KLASSIK encourages you to to strike it just like a real tning fork - but would the trophy sound as nice?

Novicos stepped in to provide evidence for Oliver Renelt. Based in design data Novicos simulated the trophy's sound with the help of the tools Simcenter 3D and the Boundary Element Method (BEM).

OPUS KLASSIK will premiere at a ceremony on 14. October 2018 in Konzerthaus Berlin, when it will be awarded to international artists in the classical music domain.

Novicos congratulates Oliver Renelt to this striking and resounding design.

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Listen to our simulated sound sample:

Watch the sound pressure distribution at ca. 250 Hz (no sound):