Simcenter Anovis

Quality assurance during manufacturing - Simcenter Anovis solutions for Industrial Quality Testing

Simcenter Anovis - Lösungen für Industrial Quality Testing - End-of-Line, zerstörungsfreie Prüfung, Prozessüberwachung

How do you guarantee the consistent high quality of your products?

Rejects, production errors or product recalls due to inadequate quality can damage your business tremendously - and are easily avoidable. Measuring quality in line with your production process will help you minimize this risk and produce your goods not only in time and budget, but in consistent high quality as well.

Industrial Quality Testing (IQT) systems need to deliver reliable results within seconds. At the same time the test of dynamic, rotating and highly resonant systems requires distinctive and advanced testing methods, which take into account vibration and acoustic measurements (e.g. NVH - Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

The robust and reliable IQT system Simcenter Anovis offers solutions for:

  • End-of-line Testing (EoL):
    Automated and reliable identification of assembly errors or defective components by NVH-Testing, e.g. combustion or electric drives, gearboxes or motorized components
  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT):
    Simcenter Anovis uses Acoustic Resonance Testing (ART) to automatically detect cracks, discrepancies in material density or porosity.
  • Process monitoring:
    Constantly monitor your production machines with acoustic and vibrations - changes in noise formation during production, e.g. due to defective parts, foreign objects or damage, will be recognized immediately and the machines will be stopped.


  • Automation:
    Automated test routines identify anomalies in the product or manufacturing process and enable objective and reproducable fault detection.
  • Modular design:
    Simcenter Anovis offers you a customized solution for your test scenario consisting of test hardware, sensors (microphones, accelerometers, vibrometers)  and evaluation software.
  • Sensors for special requirements:
    Simcenter Anovis' robust sensors (e.g. accelerometers) are specially designed for maintenance-free permanent use during series production.
  • Long lifecycle:
    Simcenter Anovis' reliable and robust monitoring systems are intended for long-term use with minimal maintenance effort - so you will get the most of your invest.
  • Easy integration:
    into existing EoL test benches or production lines
  • Rapid customization:
    Add test routines with minimal time and effort - no coding required.
  • Deployment services:
    e.g. technical consulting, training and support