Simcenter SCADAS

Measure noise, vibrations or durability - with Simcenter SCADAS hardware you will gain high-level data quality in your lab or field measurements.

Simcenter SCADAS is a range of high-end data acquisition hardware. The scalable system offers maximum flexibility and can be combined with various sensors. Simcenter SCADAS hardware is optimized for the specific challenges of Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) and durability testing. The seamless integration with Simcenter Testlab software enables faster setup as well as user-oriented data analysis and evaluation.

Simcenter SCADAS lets you configure a solution to best match your requirements - whether it is portable hardware with 8 up to 216 channels (Simcenter SCADAS Mobile) or laboratory equipment with more than 2000 channels (Simcenter SCADAS Lab).

Simcenter SCADAS offers:

  • highly precise measurements with 8 to 216 or 8 to more than 2000 channels
  • one system for multi-physical applications
  • seamless integration with Simcenter Testlab software
  • high investment reliability: Simcenter SCADAS can be flexibly expanded and provides best-in-class performance for years to come
  • a robust system even under extreme conditions: Simcenter SCADAS resists vibrations, shock, water und dust

Simcenter SCADAS Products

Flexibility, performance and precision - the Simcenter SCADAS product portfolio offers the right hardware for mobile or extensive measurement and testing projects.

Simcenter SCADAS XS

High-performance data acquisition hardware in a compact size

  • 12+ channels
  • 6+ hours battery runtime
  • particularly suitable for mobile measurement and validation in the field
  • for use with PC or tablet (standalone mode)


Simcenter SCADAS Mobile

Extensive mobile measurements in the lab or field

  • data acquisition hardware with 8 up to 216 channels
  • lightweight and compact - made for mobile application
  • robust design enables testing under harsh conditions and high temperatures

Simcenter SCADAS Recorder

Simcenter Testlab sound power testing solution for measuring and analyzing sound power of machines for certification or for advanced construction purposes

  • immediate validation minimizes errors
  • autonomous recording to compact flash cards
  • wireless operation with tablet


Simcenter SCADAS Lab

For state-of-the-art lab quality measurements

  • 19 Inch Rack Mounting Mainframe
  • up to 480 input channels in a single frame
  • combined use with other Simcenter SCADAS hardware
  • Lab/Mobile/Recorder mainframes