Simcenter Testlab

Efficiently analyze test data with Simcenter Testlab

Simcenter Testlab software offers you an integrated solution for test-based engineering.

Boost testing efficiency - Simcenter Testlab software combines reliable data acquisition with high-perfomance analyzes and reports, which lets you conduct even extensive test series, standardized qualification testing or troubleshooting fast and efficiently.

The seamless integration with Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition hardware helps you record, process and analyze test data more productively. Identify causes for noise and vibration through highly precise measurements and focused analyzes.

Simcenter Testlab data analyzes software completes your testing solution with a scalable suite of integrated testing, analytics, and modeling tools for a wide range of test needs.


Simcenter Testlab - Fields of application

Structural dynamics - Simcenter Testlab Structures software for structural dynamic and modal analysis is a scalable application for performingimpact testing on small structures or running large-scale testing campaigns.  High-performance tools will help you identify causes for vibration as well as find the best possible solution concering weaknesses within your structure.

Acoustic tests - Simcenter Testlab Acoustics software offers you the right tools for test-based acoustic engineering, e.g. determining sound power and road noise, material and component testing, sound source localization (SSL), sound quality engineering.

Vibration analysis - Simcenter Testlab Vibration Control software helps you make sure that your product will work flawlessly even under external excitation. It combines a user-friendly application with the performance and reliability of an advanced system. Integrated security mechanisms prevent your valuable prototypes from damage.



Transfer path analysis (TPA)- Simcenter Testlab Transfer Path Analysis software helps you identify vibro-acoustic issues and their cause, which lets you analyze design alternatives in no time. Transfer path analysis (TPA) offers a systematic approach to test-based engineering as well as troubleshooting.

Durability test - Simcenter SCADAS Recorder Hardware and Simcenter Testlab are the perfect basis for determining load data. The easy configuration helps you plan and execute even extensive test series. Immediate validation minimizes errors.

Rotating machinery - Simcenter Testlab Rotating Machinery software for vibration analysis of drives, superchargers, pumps and shafts. Combine torsional oscillations and acoustic measurements to monitor operational behavior and possible instabilities.

Dynamic environments - Simcenter Testlab Environmental software includes tools for verifying and validating spacecrafts. The system can be extended up to several hundred control, measurement and limitation channels.